The aim of the game is to find the resemblances…
Come on, you don’t see…


  1. they both… smile? :-)

    Comment by andreiard — 20040114 @ 2140
  2. Noooooo
    The good answer was they are both red-dressed!!!

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040114 @ 2205
  3. I’d say it’s all about the nose(s), chchchch.

    Comment by pozitroniu — 20040115 @ 1716
  4. Auzi frati-miu nu e frumos sa te camuflezi sub un nume fals ca sa ai curajul sa immi spui ca am un nas cat o casa !! :(((((((((((

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040115 @ 1730
  5. errrr…. eu ma refeream la nasul decupat care este dupa parerea mea dragut, micut si bine proportionat.

    In traducere: a fost un compliment.


    Comment by troniu ex pozitroniu viitor ciclotroniu — 20040116 @ 0219
  6. precizari:
    – ultimul mesaj scris de “Arnaud” apartine, de fapt, sora-mii, nu lui Arnaud, fotografu’ in cazu’ asta.
    – pozitroniu/troniu/ciclotroniu este amicu’ danezu’ care mi-a bagat in cap photoblog-ideea.
    – le multumesc tuturor personajelor amintite mai sus, imi fac viata mai placuta.
    – le rog sa nu se supere.
    – ca-s si io mic.

    Comment by andreiard — 20040116 @ 0801
  7. who is at stake? I took a photo, i didn’t write this comment…

    *moving away with a malicious smile and rubbing his hands*

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040116 @ 2012
  8. uff…

    Comment by andreiard — 20040116 @ 2317

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