fighting cat with dog. still life.


fighting cat with dog
over some bisquits. oh yeah!


  1. Wow USA all have us. Even this dog will end up eating chips from Mc Donalds sprinkled with coke.
    The proof by this photograph…

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040123 @ 1742
  2. Uh-oh.. cat-eat-dog-eat-chips. Cat-grow-big-and-strong. Cat-eat-straydogs-yum!. No-more-straydogs-brigitte bardot-booHOOhoo (sorry Arnaud, nothing personal, i like frenchies:))-only-BIG-cats.
    Romania-grow-too-small-to-contain-so-many-BIG-cats. Romania-go-room-mania.

    hehe.. great shot. So in the end, who got the biskits?

    Comment by tajiro — 20040124 @ 1700
  3. LOL

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040124 @ 1702
  4. dog. cat prouder. cat went up on the container, looked down towards eating dog. dog felt silly. :-)

    Comment by andreiard — 20040124 @ 1706
  5. ..darn! I bet the poo` putty-tat went to bed hungwy..
    Bad dog! (hey, you know i`m a cat lover, well don`t ya!?!)

    Comment by tajiro — 20040124 @ 1746
  6. hihihi… but dog felt silly! :-D

    Comment by andreiard — 20040124 @ 1749
  7. Yeah, at least that, for a consolation :)

    Comment by tajiro — 20040124 @ 1820
  8. OH WOW! That Cat looks crazy. That dog should just hurry up and eat that cat. then he will be able to eat those bisquits in peace. LOL! HEHAHEHAHEHA!

    Comment by Ashley — 20060206 @ 0455

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