Plage des salines


Joli, pas joli? Ton avis m’intéresse…


  1. TRES joli. Specialement en ce moment et endroit particulier d`ou j`ecris… il fait un froid d`enfer dehors (ouais, ch`uis au boulot donc dedans, mai ca en plus..) et on baigne dans le gris. Puis, ch`uis dingue de plages et vagues et tout ca. Donc, oui, magnifik meme!

    Comment by tajiro — 20040123 @ 1257
  2. Hé! On parle français ici? :)
    Radu s’y met (enfin s’y replonge) et donc je lui parle en français.
    J’avais peur pour la photo que les couleurs soient trop saturées…

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040123 @ 1311
  3. heh, talking in french slang, huh? :-) “magnifik”, huh? heheh… you think I don’t know Manau, huh? LOL
    dear Arnaud, you have very strong colours here, strong and beutiful imo, and a not so strong rock which seems to be coroded slowly by the sea. pleasing image to my tired eye :-)
    (glad you two found each other ;-)

    Comment by andreiard — 20040123 @ 1622
  4. Bah ouais, voila une bonne occasion pour moi d`exercer mon francais (avec la demande d`excuse pour les eventuelles fautes d`ortographe, biensur).

    Yeah, that might be a tad bit oversaturated, but no matter. As i was saying “upstairs”, it`s a hord of sensations that this image poured into my head, so issues like colours and composition (which, for me, work very fine here) are to be left aside.
    `Course that if the picture was technically flawed the impression wouldn`t be so strong. Donc, tres belle photo :)

    Comment by tajiro — 20040124 @ 1529
  5. eh, it’s just pure winter here, that’s why you’ve been visited by that hord of sensations! you thought it was because the colours?! nooo… no way! all ways in Romania are blocked by snow! :-P

    (I love summer photos from all-summer places in a winter country)

    Comment by andreiard — 20040124 @ 1641
  6. Well yeah, i guess i`m kinda simple :)
    Simple nice coloured shiny yummy sweet things make me go WOW!.
    That`s the way i tick :)

    Comment by tajiro — 20040124 @ 1703
  7. Arnaud you have to stop posting these photos showing the sea (ocean), a beach… or most importantly – COLOURS :)))

    Comment by Adi — 20040125 @ 0148
  8. :)
    I can’t promise
    Adi, do you believe that they can come from there to the hands?

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040125 @ 1333
  9. Only if I have deep-enough pockets to go there… otherwise I should stick to pain killers until june :))

    Does anybody else think that that huge cloud looks like an airplane? I think I just found a free ride to that beach :)

    Comment by Adi — 20040125 @ 1421

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