apă şi gheaţă


crash test white honey

I love you baby, you never treat me right!

kissin' lips, shakin' hips

life is just like a box of chocolates

we're sitting and swimming at the same time

follow that bitch, Casper!

thank you Casper, keep the change!

Casper, why don't you come over here?
<20061231 - Herăstrău, Bucureşti (plimbări cu zeeny)>


  1. hei, unde e statuia aia?

    Comment by garga — 20070104 @ 2334
  2. hei, nu prea citeşti ce scrie sub poze, eh? :-P

    Comment by andreiard — 20070104 @ 2338
  3. avea dreptate holden saracu´: unde se duc ratele cand ingheata lacul? ah?

    Comment by manu — 20070105 @ 0050
  4. Nice comments…and nice pictures too, off course:)

    Comment by Magda — 20070105 @ 0918
  5. Casper, stop acting like an ostrich, you are a duck, dear!

    Comment by when she comes — 20070105 @ 1102

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