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Today it’s saturday, and saturday is… MY DAYYYYYY!!!!
So let’s start with a photo from the great theater in Bordeaux during the christmas market.


  1. absolutely lovely colours! maybe a little bit under-exposed though, despite the risk for those windows (or doors) being over-exposed. I love the people passing by. c’est super! :-)

    Comment by andreiard — 20040131 @ 1350
  2. It is under-exposed but by night without tripod and so handheld i didn’t setup a long shutter speed to be able to not shake too much the camera…

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040131 @ 1352
  3. under-stood! :-)
    you definitely must buy a tripod soon! a whole new world is waiting for you in the dark! :-)

    Comment by andreiard — 20040131 @ 1355
  4. Wow – super… I think somebody was projecting something in that market.. I see a kid’s face on the wall… and many, many colours :)
    I vote for a tripod too :) it’s my second best appreciated accessory after the flash :)

    Comment by Adi — 20040131 @ 1655
  5. Exactly the lights were projected from the building on the other side of the little place
    And yes i will probably buy a tripod soon, but i have so many things to learn before… (i started the digital photo at start of december)

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040131 @ 2209

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