the lizard king


the lizard king


  1. I suspect you made a fake blur in the back don’t you?
    I hope to have made a mistake… Anyway well caught :)
    No comment on the frame (see my comment on the photos of the ice forest) :-P

    Comment by Arnaud — 20040810 @ 1209
  2. yes, you are wrong about the blur, that’s what happens when I use the macro lens, especially at a low apperture, which is f/4.5 here. I think the red frame goes better here than with the frozen forest. ;-)

    Comment by andreiard — 20040810 @ 1219
  3. zee so called red frame sux big time. But’s your blog man, you are the lizard king, and the lizard king can do anything.

    I guesssssssssss(harpeleeee maaaa)..

    Comment by petronatoru — 20040811 @ 0104
  4. ezactely, I’m, and I can. I can even suk big time myself. :-P

    Comment by andreiard — 20040811 @ 0917

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